How to Keep Couples Happy!

So as you know, being married for 10 years you tend know what you want and the one way to solve any couples problems is to buy a home with enough room, fulfills enough of your needs and really in all honesty that can be a real life saver at times.

Here I am in a gorgeous Ashton Woods home, this home is a great inventory home and available ready to move in but can also be be custom made on your own lot in Southern Trails.

Keeping couples happy, Elizabeth Cencini!



Home Search in Southern Trails

Recommendation: Please go to see homes with a buyer’s agent. It is FREE, your seller pays my commission and it helps to have one negotiate and to help you with all the buying process. Do not buy a home that will not appraise! Ask me to run comps of the sales in the area, lets do this together!

Elizabeth Cencini, RE/MAX Top Realty, 2911 S. Sam Houston Pkwy East, 77047 Have questions? Email me or call 832-671-3826,








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