Who Is Your Agent?

As we begin to become familiar with each other on my blog, I just want to personally say thank you for visiting. I pride myself in being you a personal helper and I make the commitment to work hard for you! Buyer, Seller or just following my posts, I want you to see the value in hiring me. Because sending information is good to have but we all need someone that we can count on too!

I am a Houston native and I have a degree in Painting, I followed my passion of painting for many years and I became successful at helping non profits in the art sector. I then later began to  help out and volunteer for those with special needs and I helped artists with marketing in their careers. My love for painting is still there and I take many trips to Italy to study art . I am married with two very beautiful girls, something every momma says and I have a great husband that works very hard in our family restaurant. My passion to do real estate came after my mother sold her home in Spring Branch and moved down to the Rio Grand valley. I knew the move was difficult and I wanted to help other people as if they were my family. I know and understand people well and I enjoy the fact that I am able to help people with real estate. There is nothing like being home. I have studied the market regularly and make plenty of videos on YOU TUBE about the changes in our community. My purpose with the videos is always to reach out and connect with my audience. I love making friends and I will work hard to reach my goals.


My You TUBE:


Start by following my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/yourhoustonhomeagent/
My Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/AgentCencini

Call me to  help you and see you real soon!
RE/MAX Top Realty
2911 S. Sam Houston Pkwy East
Houston, Texas 77047


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